“About Time We Caught Up on Burgers” – Eastern Standard

July 2013 Burger

July Burger

For the July 2013 meeting, Jefferson Burger brought the Boston Burger Club back to Boston after a June adventure outside the city.   Eastern Standard has a page dedicated to “Things We Love“, yet burgers were not listed!!!! Oh My!!!!   Yet they are known to have a good burger…???  Maybe they secretly love burgers, but are afraid to say it….


Location: Eastern Standard, Kenmore Square, Boston MA
Burger: Standard Burger – Vermont Cheddar, Brioche, Fries – $13

“Another North End Adventure” – North Street Grill

North-Street-Grille-LogoFor the May 2013 meeting, Jackson Burger went a little more upscale than previous picks, and brought the club back to Boston’s North End – the scene of an epic Burger Night in April 2012….  Would the group have another epic night of drinks, shots, and finding out what the size of restaurants compare to?

Location: North Street Grill, North End, Boston, MA
Burger: Over 15 to choose from, ranging in price from $12 – $16